Symbols & Ratings Explained

To help you to quickly differentiate between the thousands of products we test each year, we use a ratings system and different symbols.

Our rating system consists of two components: the total score and individual test scores. The total score is on a 100 point scale with 100 being the highest possible score. To understand how the total score was determined, refer to the how we test link for that product category, which will explain the testing program and section weightings.

Individual test ratings are on a 5 point scale represented by MingJian’s rating symbols:






As all of the products within an individual testing program are subjected to an identical battery of tests using a consistent rating scale, the total test score and individual test ratings are comparable across product models, providing a relative measure of product performance.

Award symbols. Products with stand-out performance may be awarded one of the below three awards:

Recommended. The recommended award recognizes the top performers in each product category that performed the best overall in our test evaluation.

Best Buy. The Best Buy award recognizes products that perform well in our tests and also offer outstanding value for money. While they may not be the top performer or offer all of the latest features, they tend to be a less expensive choice with strong performance.

Warning. Unlike most other providers of product ratings, MingJian also helps consumers to avoid poor performing products. Our Warning symbol highlights products that failed at least one aspect of our test, whether safety, durability, or tested positive for hazardous materials.