How We Test

When it comes to product ratings, no one tests like we do. All of the products we test are sent overseas where they are subjected to rigorous scientific testing in state-of-the-art laboratories in Europe and the United States overseen by leading experts in their field. Our testing procedure is tightly controlled to ensure that every product within a product category is assessed in exactly the same way, so results are directly comparable across product models. We test thousands of products each year ranging from car seats and cosmetics, to smartphones and speakers.



Our testing process consists of three steps:

Step 1: Market research and mystery shopping

First, for each product category, our dedicated market researchers carefully study the market for the latest product releases and the most innovative products. We take popularity, brand reliability, innovation and price into account when choosing which models to test. We then employ mystery shoppers—individual consumers just like you—to then purchase the products at official authorized retailers.

Step 2: Expert Laboratory Testing


The product samples are sent to top global laboratories where they are subjected to rigorous scientific testing. The testing program is developed by a group of independent product experts from around the globe evaluating the most important performance attributes for that product, including safety, screening for toxic chemicals, ease of use, ergonomics, handling, durability, etc. In addition to testing by lab experts, consumer panels are frequently included to assess the products in a daily use environment. All of our testing is conducted in leading international laboratories in Europe andthe United States.

Step 3: Product rating reports written for consumers

The results of the laboratory and consumer testing are summarized into product rating reports consisting of three sections: verbal evaluation, test report, and specifications. The verbal evaluation provides a summary of our findings including pros and cons. The test report uses our MingJian rating scale to give a total score to each product as well as individual ratings for each of the major testing criteria. The specifications section provides an overview of features and specifications of the product. These values may differ from the manufacturers representations as they are measured in the lab based on actual use environment. For example the weight of a camcorder will include the battery and strap, as that is more indicative of actual use.


How MingJian’s product testing differs from other product review sites


  1. Independent. We work exclusively in the consumer interest. We accept no advertisements to ensure our independence. The products we test are purchased at retail by mystery shoppers, consumers just like you, as opposed to evaluating manufacturer samples.

  2. Expert. Our test reports are not swayed by marketing hype, they are the result of rigorous scientific testing conducted by product experts in top global laboratories in Europe and the United States. For each product category we provide an overview of our testing methodology and often have videos showing how the products are tested in the laboratory.

  3. Comparative. As all of the products in a category are subjected to an identical battery of tests applying a consistent rating scale, the ratings are directly comparable across products.