Near the end of 2009, a young couple—American husband and Chinese wife—living in Shanghai were preparing for the arrival of their child: purchasing and renovating an apartment, buying their first car, and stocking up on baby products. Like all new parents, they wanted to ensure that their home and living environment was safe and healthy for their new baby. With news of product scandals filling the headlines, they searched in vain for a reliable source to identify safe, quality, reliable products.

Which car seat is safe? Which crib can be trusted to keep a child safe through the night? Do air filters really work and if so, which one is best suited to the home? Which paints are free from harmful toxins, yet also durable and long-lasting? Which TVs provide the best value for money? Which cars perform best in crash testing?

When asking other young parents, interviewing friends and family, they realized they were not alone and that consumers across China were struggling to answer the same questions. They determined that Chinese consumers deserved better and started MingJian. Inspired by Consumer Reports in the United States, an independent expert reference to products and services since 1936, MingJian was registered on March 15, 2010 (World Consumer Rights Day) committed to helping consumers make better informed purchase decisions by providing independent, expert research and testing of products and services.


2010 - March 15 (World Consumer Rights Day) MingJian registered. Conduct China’s first independent expert research and testing of Baby & Kids products

2011 – mingjian.cn launched with coverage of 31 categories of Baby & Kids products

2012 – Product coverage expanded including China’s first independent car seat test following introduction of new car seat regulations

2013 – MingJian joins International Consumer Research and Testing (ICRT). Product coverage expanded to include personal electronics.

2014 – Launch of responsive design website and mobile apps with entirely new look and feel. Product coverage expanded to personal care and home appliances.