About Us - Who We Are

Global product ratings from the organizations consumers trust.

E-commerce has made products from around the world simply a click away. Yet, faced with an abundance of choice, how to identify the best products with proven quality, performance and safety while avoiding those with hidden dangers or performance issues?

We communicated with consumers from around the world to discover which product ratings they trust most.

We partnered with the most trusted rating organizations, to bring you the best product ratings and buying advice trusted by hundreds of millions of consumers in Europe, America and Australia.

How We Test

When it comes to product ratings, no one tests like our partners. All products are tested in state-of-the-art laboratories in Europe, the United States or Australia where they are subjected to rigorous scientific testing. Testing procedures are tightly controlled for consistency to ensure all test ratings are directly comparable across tested models. We test over five thousands of products every year including electronics, appliances, baby products, cosmetics, travel and leisure, and food.

Applying the combined experience of the more than 6,000 comparative testing professionals and working with over 100 independent laboratories ensures that we offer consumers the highest level of consumer testing available globally.


Our testing process consists of three steps:

Step 1: Market research and mystery shopping

Dedicated market researchers carefully study the market for the latest product releases and the most innovative products. Popularity, brand reliability, innovation and price are all taken into account when choosing which models to test. Mystery shoppers—individual consumers just like you—are hired to purchase the products at official authorized retailers.

Step 2: Expert Laboratory Testing


The product samples are sent to independent laboratories in Europe, the United States or Australia where they are subjected to rigorous scientific testing. The testing program is developed by product experts evaluating the most important performance attributes for that product, including safety, screening for toxic chemicals, ease of use, ergonomics, handling, durability, etc. In addition to testing by lab experts, consumer panels are frequently included to assess the products in daily use.

Step 3: Product rating reports written for consumers

The results of the laboratory and consumer tests are given weightings according to their relative importance to consumers and combined together into a rating score, with the results summarized in to a product rating report.

How MingJian’s product testing differs from other product review sites


1. Independent. All of our global partners work exclusively in the consumer interest, accepting no advertisements to ensure independence. Tested products are purchased at retail by mystery shoppers, consumers just like you, rather than manufacturer samples.

2. Expert. Test reports are not swayed by marketing hype, they are the result of rigorous scientific testing conducted in top global laboratories in Europe, the United States or Australia. For each product category we provide an explanation of the testing methodology often together with a video of how the products are tested.

3. Comparative. As all of the products in a category are subjected to an identical battery of tests applying a consistent rating scale, the ratings are directly comparable across products.

Symbols & Rating Explained

As the rating system and scale used by each of our global partners differ, we have converted all of the ratings into a single unified rating scale for consistency across all product categories and tests. Every product is given a total score on a scale of 50-100, with 100 being the highest possible score.

In addition, individual rating criteria are scored on a 5 point scale represented by MingJian’s rating symbols:






The best and worst performing products are designated by one of the following awards.

“Recommended” Recognizes the top performers in each product category that performed the best overall in our test evaluation.

“Best Buy” Recognizes Recommended products that also offer outstanding value for money.

“Warning” Highlights products that failed one or more critical aspect of our test, whether safety, durability, or hazardous chemicals.